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Users have to read terms of use and conditions to understand what rules they must follow before using our website tjoc.net to play games.

Tjoc.net Terms and Conditions include significant information about how users and visitors can use our website appropriately. We have to set Terms of Use for all users and we require you see our terms for your better experience with our website. With these terms, we can also protect and stop any illegal issues if they happen to our site.

New FNAF Characters Release Date
New FNAF Characters Release Date

For those who want to become official users of Tjoc.net, we recommended all of you to follow through Terms of Use in accordance with Privacy Policy. So you can have a good grasp of all the basic rules you can use and the information we collect from you.

Tjoc.net is a place where you can play tjoc game, explore information about tjoc game, as well as experience other online games, especially games like FNAF. We want to make our site a safe playing field for all players around the world. Thus, sticking with our terms will be a good way for users to experience our services on our website.

Below here is what our terms and conditions cover. So,make sure you will not miss out on anything important that can cause any serious problems. Before you use our website, please follow through all our Terms of Use, including:

  • Rules for all users on using or downloading the content of the website
  • The consent of users when using the website
  • Our Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Advertisements
  • Communication
  • Internet requirement
  • License and Site Access
  • Users’ account
  • Data protection

Terms of Use for all users with the content of the website

  • Users are not allowed to perform any illegal action when using our website.
  • In case there are illegal actions done by someone else, users have to contact us via info@tjoc.net to look into the case.
  • We don’t welcome users with bad languages. Support requests with bad languages will be overlooked and those users will be banned from accessing our website.
  • Since the website tjoc.net was made for all users to use in a general way, users have no rights to change, misuse, or copy all the content and other elements that belong to the websites. Users just can download free content. For other elements, you can download them where there is a mutual agreement.

The consent of users when using the website

By using this website, you consent to our Terms and Privacy Policy about us collecting, holding, and using information about you. Also, when you decide to use our website, you must understand and agree to our terms, rules, and the policy set by us.

Privacy Policy

  • Users should read our Privacy Policy to better comprehend the personal information picked up by us. Click [here] for our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use for Copyright

The images, games and tjoc files download on our website are copyrighted by the game creators. But we are responsible for the content on the website. They are from our team of collaborators, so they are our copyright. Users can view and share them but cannot copy and use them on any website.


  • We place advertisements in games posted on our website. But we don’t take control of the content of the ads, excluding the overall types of ads we put in the games. We make sure no ads on our website store improper content that has a bad influence on our users.
  • If you experience any advertisements with improper content, let us know about it via info@tjoc.net.


You can let us know what you need from our websites and how we support you via the emails. The website’s owner and the users will communicate with each other through emails. So, send your thoughts, feedback, or any requests to us and we will answer everything for you.

Internet requirements

To use our services and play The Joy of Creation or other games like FNAF on our website, you need to have the Internet with a stable connection. Your internet connectivity will decide if the games run smoothly or not. Check it before you play them!

License and Site Access

Although we have set rules for users, we still give all of you a limited license to use and experience all services on our website. You have to ensure you will not have any illegal actions done on our site. There will be an agreement between the owner and the users in terms of downloading the content on tjoc.net!

Accounts of the Users

  • All of your personal information, including username and password that you use for playing games, belong to you. You take responsibility for managing your personal information.

Data protection in Terms of Use

Protecting data and keeping users’ information is our significant thing to do. So, your private information will be picked up, held, used, and protected by us. For more information regarding this section, please have a look at our Privacy Policy where you will better comprehend why we have to collect data from you and how we manage it.

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Email: info@tjoc.net

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