FNAF JR's so gets ready to become a detective and solve mysterious puzzles that appear at night. You should not miss the game if you are a fan of the FNAF.

Mysteries appear one after another at night in JR’s. You will become a talented private detective with the task of uncovering the whole mystery at this abandoned factory.

FNAF JR’s gamejolt will give you a more panoramic view than the regular FNAF versions. Each night, you will face a different group of cartoon characters at this abandoned factory. It seems that they are being controlled by some force that no one can perceive.


In the role of a private detective, you need to find clues appearing all over the map to find out who is behind these mysterious events. After agreeing to participate in this investigation, you will welcome the arrival of Paulbear – a passive spirit. He will provide you with information regarding this mystery.

Compared to the Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame games, the villain you have to face is much stronger. Not only does he want to end your life, but he also takes notice of Paulbear. This is where you and your reluctant co-worker demonstrate impressive teamwork to solve problems.

Besides the gameplay has many changes, this game also offers impressive graphics along with a lot of new content. FNAF horror download, you will have the opportunity to discover new mysteries compared to the familiar pizzeria. Accompanying it are novel sound effects that will surely give you an impression from the first time.

FNAF JR’s download at our website to learn more about this much loved game. This is not just a regular FNAF version but it comes with a lot of changes. Typically, the villains will change every night, which will definitely turn everything upside down. And you will have more trouble finding clues.

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Carlos is considered a brave person, he is interested in horror games. That’s why he loves the different versions of the FNAF or TJOC games at our site. Moreover, Carlos is also the administrator of this website. If you have any comments regarding the game, please contact him for support as soon as possible. Occasionally, he even reads a few books to hone his life experiences.

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