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Please keep in mind what is here to contact us whenever you need while using We give you the best experience with tjoc and FNAF games and you can play them anytime. But if you have any problem with your experience or have suggestions, share about us, do not hesitate to contact us via We always welcome any sharing!

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Now, we want to talk a little bit about us, about our terms of use and privacy policy. is a website where you can play tjoc games online and even download games for free. Besides tjoc game, we also have FNAF games for you. Those are the cult survival adventure games that are extremely popular with the gaming community.

FNAF Animatronics Full Download
FNAF Animatronics Full Download

We create a healthy playground so that every gamer can feel comfortable and convenient every time they come here. But we also want to let you know that we always control it our way. There are some rules that you need to follow when using In addition, there is one thing we would like to tell you about how we use your information for the control and improvement of the website.

The images, games, files downloaded on this website do not belong to our copyright. But we have a team responsible for content creation. Therefore, we have copyright on the content and are protected by international law. Therefore, we encourage you to share our website with everyone, but do not copy or use the content for any purpose.

Note, the games at are only suitable for players over 18 years old. So please consider your age when playing or downloading games here. The reason for this is not because of the bad content, but because of the nature of the game. The Joy of Creation or FNAF games are survival games with lots of suspense and surprises. Therefore, they are not suitable for some gamers.

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We encourage you to send your comments about your experience with tjoc game. Let us know how you feel about quality, speed, and more. We need to know those things to make sure this website works well for users. So, this helps us detect errors and fix them as soon as possible. Also, suggest us your interests at For example, you want to add new games, customize the interface or anything else. We need your input to improve and upgrade our website. From there, we will provide a better experience for you.

To contact us, simply enter your name, email address and enter your question to send to us via Or you can simply write your question in the comment section.

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Carlos is considered a brave person, he is interested in horror games. That’s why he loves the different versions of the FNAF or TJOC games at our site. Moreover, Carlos is also the administrator of this website. If you have any comments regarding the game, please contact him for support as soon as possible. Occasionally, he even reads a few books to hone his life experiences.


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