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About us is everything you need to know about tjoc.net. We have tjoc and FNAF games to for you play online and download free. Discover more about us now.

Welcome to about us – tjoc.net, where you can find a survival experience like never before. We offer you the chance to play The Joy of Creation and the Five Nights at Freddy’s series online for free in the browser. Besides, you can even download them to your device and play at any time. We always try to update the latest things about them to provide gamers at tjoc.net. So follow us if you are a fan of tjoc or FNAF games.

FNAF Fangame Free To Play
FNAF Fangame Free To Play

What do you know about tjoc game?

Tjoc stands for The Joy of Creation, is an FNAF fangame from publisher Nikson. It is inspired by the classic survival adventure FNAF games, but at the same time it also brings something new. It modified a few things from the original, like the plot, setting, and characters.

You will also meet the familiar animatronics but they are in a new form. The story of the game is also different when giving gamers challenges that seem more difficult. So, even though it is not an official game, The Joy of Creation is still quite popular with the global gaming community. That’s also the reason we want to recommend this game. Because we know many players are looking for experience with it.

What do we have for you at tjoc.net?

We created this website to create a playground for fans of tjoc game. So we provide stuff related to this game, like review, free online gaming browser and even download file. We want to emphasize that the images, games, files … are the copyright of the publisher. Meanwhile, we are the ones to spread it to more gamers. Besides, we want to provide content about the game so that you understand it better before you experience it. That is the purpose of tjoc.net.

The Joy of Creation and Five Nights at Freddy’s games will be available to download to your device at no cost. Besides, the operation to do anything is simple, just one click. We always try to optimize everything on the website for your comfort and convenience. But sometimes ads will annoy you. We’re sorry about this, but we need them to maintain the site and make more improvements for your better experience. Have fun with it and we guarantee that ads won’t interfere with your experience for too long.

Some rules about us

Every playground needs rules to operate effectively. And so is tjoc.net. When you join our website, we will give you what you need. But on the contrary, you need to follow some rules to make sure bad stuff doesn’t exist here.

First, remember that the content on tjoc.net is ours. You may not copy or use them on any other website. But you can share this site, thereby sharing the content with others. Please respect the copyright of our content, that’s the rule you need to know.

Second, you should not share invalid content on our website. This is a common playground for everyone, so please respect others when you are using the web. We will not accept comments, inappropriate content and actions that affect the player’s experience.

Third, we may collect some information from you, but we keep it confidential. So don’t worry too much about privacy or security, because you can control your personal information your way too. Our purpose in collecting information is only to analyze your experience at tjoc.net. This helps us manage the website better and fix errors if any as soon as possible.

You can learn more about us by visiting the Privacy Policy and Term of Use. We always welcome sharing and suggestions from users to aim for a perfect service for everyone. So don’t hesitate to share with us your questions or difficulties via info@tjoc.net. We will respond as soon as possible. Finally, have a great experience at tjoc.net!

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Carlos is considered a brave person, he is interested in horror games. That’s why he loves the different versions of the FNAF or TJOC games at our site. Moreover, Carlos is also the administrator of this website. If you have any comments regarding the game, please contact him for support as soon as possible. Occasionally, he even reads a few books to hone his life experiences.

Email: info@tjoc.net

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